Starlight Solar Power Systems stocks, sells and installs RV Lithium Ion batteries. We stock LiFeBlue and RELiON drop-in replacement batteries and GBS LFMP battery systems from Elite Power Solutions. We also stock many parts for the DIY builder.

Our Top of the Line GBS battery packages are the most advanced and feature rich Lithium Battery system available. To save you time and money, each battery package we supply includes most of the common parts you will need. Elite Power Solutions (EPS), the US battery distributor for GBS, has designed an Energy Management System (EMS) specifically for the GBS line of batteries. All parts are selected and designed to specifically work together. The battery cell construction, terminals and connectors, EMS boards, CPU and other parts are completely unique. No other lithium battery available has the features and design.

Starlight Solar is the Authorized RV Dealer for Elite Power Solutions GBS batteries and EMS system. GBS batteries have a unique Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate (LFMP) design.

GBS Li-ion batteries cells demonstrate the highest safety performance in the industry. The safety valves have ability to pop open under extreme conditions, in order to quickly release cell internal pressure and thus prevent cells from catching fire. Tests have been conducted to confirm cells do not catch fire or explode even in abusive conditions, such as nail penetration, short circuit, over-charging, over-discharging, over-temperature, crushing, dropping, and etc.

Our EMS video display includes a battery monitor so you always know how much capacity is remaining.

Our packages have the most features of any lithium battery system and are ideal for RV’s for many reasons. Each system comes with a video display panel with all important  battery info immediately available. You can also view the battery info on any display or TV with video input that you already own in your RV.

Battery capacity, voltage, charge or discharge current, cell temperature, system status and much more are provided on a video display panel.