GBS RV Packages


All of Our 12 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Packages Include:

12 Volt 200AH GBS LFMP Battery Pack(s)

EMS board(s)

1 EMS CPU with Custom Programming

1 CPU Harness Cable

1 500 Amp 50mv Shunt

2 400 Amp Solenoid, high efficiency coil

1 7” TFT LCD Video Display

1 Video Extension Cable

1 lot Fuses, Fuse holder, Switches, Connectors

1 System Control Panel

Wiring Diagram, Photos, Manuals, Safety Information

All systems now include our LFMP battery control panel. Mount inside near the battery monitor for convenience of controlling your battery.

200AH Battery Package  2.56kWh, Weight 63 pounds

Includes the above items and 1 Battery Pack and 1 EMS board

Dimensions 5.5” X 19.25” deep, 10.2” High  

Prices For 12 Volt Packages Using GBS 200AH Packages

  -Nominal Voltage: 12.8V (4X 3.2 V)

  - Nominal Capacity: 200 Ah

  - LiFeMnPO4 chemistry

  - Operation Voltage Range: 11.2 to 14.4V

  - Weight: 24.9 kg or 55.0 lbs

  - Dimension: 500 X 245 X 142 mm or 19.25 X 9.6 X 5.5 in

  - Max Charging Current: 3C

  - Max Discharge Current: 3C (continuous) / 10C (pulsed)

  - Cycle Life : >2000 (80%DOD)

  - Operating Temperature: -20 to 65 C or -4 to 149 F

  - Self Discharge Rate: <3% monthly

  - Accessories included: jumpers, screws, washers, split washers and

    cell covers

Advantage of GBS 3rd Generation Li-ion Batteries:

  - High energy density by weight and by volume.

  - Superior safety performance due to patented new safety valve and pressure

    cap designs.

  - Dual Safety Valve Design, one On Each End.

  - Batteries do not explode or catch fire when batteries are shorted or punctuated

    resulting in internal shorts.

  - More robust connection due to new electrode terminal design using four screws

    per terminal; Prevent loose connections caused by vibration.

  - Reduced impedance due to improved electrode terminal design;

  - Long cycle life.

  - New cell structure better facilitates battery pack formation.

  - Superior cold weather performance. Lab tests show 90% of rated capacity at -20° C.

  - Terminal design increases high current performance for longer sustained

    continuous current.

Our Price $2,162.10

400AH Battery Package  5.12kWh, Weight  118 pounds

Includes the above items and 2 Battery Pack and 2 EMS board

Dimensions (side by side) 11” X 19.25” deep, 10.2” High

Our Price $3,764.60

600AH Battery Package  7.68kWh, Weight 173 pounds

Includes the above items and 3 Battery Pack and 3 EMS board

Dimensions (side by side) 16.5” X 19.25” deep, 10.2” High

Our Price $5,367.10

800AH Battery Package  10.24kWh, Weight 228 pounds

Includes the above items and 4 Battery Pack and 4 EMS board

Dimensions (side by side) 22” X 19.25” deep, 10.2” High

Our Price $6,969.60

1000AH Battery Package  12.8kWh, Weight 283 pounds

Includes the above items and 5 Battery Pack and 5 EMS board

Dimensions (side by side) 27.5” X 19.25” deep, 10.2” High

Our Price $8,572.10

Buy Now Shipping Information

Hazmat Shipping Cost is estimated and added in at checkout. If the actual Hazmat Shipping is less than you paid, you will receive a refund for the difference.

Important to Understand: These RV battery packages are not drop in replacements. They must be carefully assembled according to the instructions provided. You must have basic understanding of DC circuits and safely working with batteries. Do not attempt to install our lithium batteries unless you fully understand how to handle and wire batteries and understand DC power systems.


Battery packages are available to pick up at our Yuma store. Orders usually ship within 48 hours but may be delayed up to 5 days. Due to US DOT and UN regulations, Lithium battery packs must be shipped by Hazmat certified shipper and therefor can not be returned. We will ship from our Yuma, AZ warehouse by FedEx or UPS Ground or by freight truck. We can ship to nearly any business or home address. We can not ship to Post Office boxes or UPS stores as their employees are not certified to receive Hazmat shipments for you. All other EMS items will ship in a separate box usually within 24 hours.


200AH LFMP Battery Features

Each 200AH 12 volt pack is made from 4 GBS cells. The pack is banded together with stainless straps and aluminum end plates making a rigid battery package. The unique feature of Gen III cells is that the terminals are on opposite ends of the cells in order to create a uniform current distribution within the cell.

NOTICE: We can supply battery packages larger than 400AH. Any battery configuration over 500AH will experience errors in battery capacity reporting. We can instruct you in how to overcome this deficiency. Contact us for more information.